Bring ideas to life with stop motion

Stop motion is an animation technique where puppets or other three-dimensional objects are photographed. You animate a scene by taking a picture, moving the figure a little bit, taking another picture, moving the figure a little more, etc. The technique requires a little patience, but the excitement of seeing your ideas coming to life is worth the effort. In addition, it is easier than ever to get started.

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  • Animate anything

    Your movie is created by taking a picture, moving your figure a bit, taking another picture, moving the figure a bit more, and so on.

  • Make the toy come alive

    Choose the toy that will be your main character and build a world where the story can take place. For example, a prehistoric world full of dinosaurs!

  • Magical modeling clay

    Build your own figure with special plasticine play-dough. Clay figures are fun to work with as they can be shaped completely freely. Only the imagination sets the limit.


Claymation is the type of stop motion animation that involves clay puppets. The best-known claymation films come from Aardman Animations, the studio behind Wallace and Gromit, Shaun the Sheep, and Chicken Run, among others. For this animation technique, the characters generally have to stand up, so it is necessary to place your device vertically to use its camera. We have developed our small device stand for this purpose, as part of the Piximakey Animation Studio.

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2D Stop Motion

When working two-dimensionally, the figures are flat. An example of stop motion animation in 2D is the Danish classic Cirkeline. If you want to start with this type of animation, you will need some table space, cardboard, paper, scissors and a stand that raises the tablet or smartphone above your scene. If you draw your own paper puppet, remember to make it of several parts, so that the torso, arms, legs and head can move independently of each other. This type of stop motion is often referred to as cut-out motion.

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