• EduTrition

    Design and development of a location-based learning game for The World Food Programme. The aim is to prevent malnutrition and obesity among children by combining physical play and knowledge about nutrition. The project is under development.

  • The Game Toolbox

    Development of a learning resource for making games in primary school. The Game Toolbox includes videos for teachers and students, a teacher's guide and a range of worksheets and videos that can be streamed and downloaded for free. Supported and co-funded by the Danish Film Institute.

  • Piximakey

    A stop motion animation universe consisting of a child-friendly app and a wooden case filled with plasticine clay, backdrops and device stands for smartphones and tablets. Piximakey targets both families, kindergartens and schools and is sold worldwide.

  • Game design programme at Skurup Folk Highschool

    Spilværk contributed to developing a new game design programme from scratch and taught a big part of the lessons on-site in Malmö, Sweden. The students explore game design and interactive experiences in the broadest sense, from computer games to board games, escape rooms and role-playing games. The course was founded in 2018 and is still going strong.

  • Protostorm

    Development of a card game that supports work with iterative design processes in school classes and makerspaces. Protostorm uses playing cards to ask the right work questions and make the group's communication more fun and more constructive. Protostorm is used in the big TekX makerspace in Rødovre.

  • Game design bootcamp at NNY - the graduate school for entrepreneurship and design

    Spilværk ran an intense three-hour crash course in game design and rapid prototyping for 80 post-secondary students and teachers. The idea was to train entrepreneurship and design by designing a game from a pile of old board games that could be "hacked" by the students.

Consulting work

Over time, we have often worked as consultants for other companies and organisations. These projects are not listed above, but we have gained lots of good experience from our collaborations.
Among other things, we have been consultants for Animated Learning, which is run by VIA and The Animation Workshop in Viborg, gave presentations at their conferences and taught both stop motion and game design. We have also solved tasks for the edtech retailer Hippomini, from teaching 3D printing to building a giant robot obstacle course together with a lot of kids. If you need a freelancer with a versatile creative-technical skillset, we would like to hear from you.

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